Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Chef of the week

So I decided to feature my supporters on the blog. Every Sunday, I will update the blog with a chef of the week. This is my little way of showing appreciation to those who are actually cooking from this blog. Makes me really happy when I get pictures of recipes lifted from ChiChi’s Cuisine. Thank you so much everyone for your support. Welcome our pioneer chef of the week:

Full Name: Adaora Iyayi
Date of Birth: June 16th
Occupation: Engineer
Likes: Spicy chicken wings
Dislikes: Untidiness and nosy people
Hobbies: Reading books and magazines, watching movies, cleaning.
Favorite food: Rice and Stew
Advice for Chichi’s Cuisine: You're good at what you do... Keep hitting us with your amazing recipes.

Thank you Adaora for following my blog and cooking this delicious plate of fried rice :)

ChiChi's cuisine is also thankful to Adaora for making this delicious plate of Rice and Pepper Steak.

...And this delicious bowl of native soup. Yummmmm!!!

Then there's this coconut rice...kai, i need to come and camp out at your place oh!!!

P.S: If you want to be featured on the blog, please send your picture and a picture of the food you prepared to chichiscuisine@gmail.com


  1. Wooowwww! Loooks delicious!! Congrats Ada

  2. Replies
    1. Looool...I've been waitng for u. I knew ud comment on this particular post. Haha! Now letz wait and see if sister #2 will come out of hiding!

  3. Chef of my life

    1. Awww, how sweet Mona! Thanx for ur comment. God bless you both beyond ur expectations!!!

  4. Gorgeous + sabi cook! What else can a man ask for? Lovely Dear!

    1. He can ask for God fearing...loving...understanding...educated...homely...down to earth...organized...well behaved...fun...generous...respectful...supportive...communicative...nagfree...appreciative...honest...jovial...adventurous...romantic...the list goes on n on. *wink*