Sunday, 8 December 2013

Chef of the week

It is that time of the week again...APPRECIATION DAY. This is the part of my blog that gets me really happy because it shows I've not been wasting my time uploading recipes. I am pleased to introduce everyone to the next COW:

Full name: Ayawarifa G H Ogolo
Date of Birth: July 13th
State of Origin: Rivers State
Occupation: Computer Scientist/Information Technologist
Hobbies: Watching movies, reading novels and traveling.
Likes: Honesty, Trustworthiness and Trust
Dislikes: Liars
Word of advice: Keep up the good work and you can own your tv channel and your own books in the near future.

I'm thankful to Aya for making these delicious meals from the blog. You rock time please courier some to me. ;)
Get the original potato pericana recipe from here

Get the original Curry Chicken Recipe from  here

Get the original Sausage Rolls recipe from here

P.S: If you want to be featured on the blog, please send your picture and a picture of the food you prepared to


  1. Nice one aya...fine girl...&my lovely nazom..keep it up

  2. Yayyyy!!!! I will nazom. Just keep the receips coming!
    Thanks Cyn

  3. Hello chichi,am an ardent fan on this blog and i cant thank u enough....I'm a new wife and i wanna make your roasted chicken for christmas for my inlaws and the closest thing i have to an oven is a microwave oven,can i use it and if yes pls tell me how. Thank from Nigeria

    1. Hello dear, thnx so much for following my blog. For the whole roast chicken, you will need an oven that can bake/broil and NOT a microwave oven. It willbtake at least one hour to bake in the oven.

  4. Nice one Aya! Well done Naz..