Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Cow leg (cut into small pieces)
½ handful of crayfish
1 tablespoon ground dry pepper (or more if you like spicy food)
1 ehuru/ehu/african nutmeg
2 tablespoons potash (akaun)
Utazi leaves
½ cup of palm oil
1 onion bulb + more for garnishing
1 knorr cube
Salt to taste

Wash the cowleg well and add to a pot. Use a pressure pot if you have one to save you gas/electricity/time. Cut up the onions and add to the pot. Add the maggi and some salt to taste. Boil the meat till it's well done. Strain the meat from the water and set aside.

Put the potash in a small bowl and add about ½ cup of water. Strain into the pot you'll be cooking the nkwobi with. This is to remove all the sand and debris in the potash.

Heat the potash a little and the add the palm oil. Stir till it thickens.

Blend the crayfish and ehuru using a dry mill. You can also add the pepper and blend too.

Add the meat and blended crayfish to the oil and mix well. You can turn the heat on now so that the nkwobi is piping hot. Add a little salt if needed.

Garnish with cut utazi leaves and onion and serve.



  1. I didn't know nkwobi was dis easy oo

    1. Yep yep...itz very easy to make ;)

    2. A must make!@ chichi,u hv bin off.pls come back.(Cryin)

  2. You make your recipes look so easy jeez! I love cooking and I've found a new website. Thanks for sharing your recipes.