Sunday, 9 February 2014

Chef of the week

Happy Sunday ladies and gentlemen. I am glad to be back on track with chichiscuisine. After a long and well deserved break, I am pleased to introduce you to the first chef of the year. 

Full Name: Tamunoimiegbam David Jones
Date of Birth: December 19th
State of Origin: Rivers State
Occupation: Chemist
Hobbies: Sight seeing and adventures.
Favorite Food: Any nice dish
Likes: Honesty and Being Real
Dislikes: Cheats and Lies
Word of advice to ChiChisCuisine: I am certain you'll go places just keep the good work going!

Thanks to Imiegbam for FINALLY sending me a picture. She has made a couple of dishes from the blog but always complains that she's too lazy to take pictures and send to me. Haha. Anyway, thank God she finally decided to send a picture of this delicious plantain salsa (click here for recipe).

Imiegbam is my friend, sister from another mother, confidant and neighbor. So you know what that means? She is a chichiscuisine taster. Here are a few pictures I could find. lol

Hehe, I LOVE YOU too Mimi…please don't beat me for sharing your pics with err'1.

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  1. Hahaha! Congrats Mimi! This is cute. Chichi, I'm the one left. I'll work towards 2035. :p