Monday, 25 November 2013

Glazed Donuts

Donuts are one of my favorite breakfast foods. I must confess though, I like my donuts plain. I just had to put a sugar glaze for blogging purposes but quite frankly, it's a little too sweet for me. The chocolate glazed donuts were a hit in my house though. I just thought I should try dipping the donuts in a chocolate ganache and wow, it was on point. Those were the first to be GONE! If you prefer your donuts plain then increase your sugar to about 1cup.
Anyway, I know this recipe seems like a lot of steps but really it isn't that difficult so don't feel intimidated.

Ingredients for the donut:
5 cups all-purpose flour
1 ½ cups lukewarm milk
⅓ cup vegetable shortening (or butter)
2 large eggs
4 ½ teaspoons dry yeast
¾ cup white sugar
¼ cup warm water
1 teaspoon salt
Vegetable oil for frying

For the sugar glaze:
⅓ cup butter
2 cups powdered sugar
1 ½ teaspoons vanilla
5 tablespoons hot water or as needed

For the chocolate glaze:
Melted chocolate

Add the warm water to a bowl. Sprinkle ½ teaspoon of sugar then sprinkle the yeast.

Allow the yeast to activate for about 5mins or will get really frothy.

Add the activated yeast, milk, sugar, salt, egg, shortening and two cups of flour. Mix well with a wooden spoon or spatula or electric mixer till it's well incorporated. Then add the remaining flour and mix well till it comes together.

Turn unto a well floured surface and knead well with your hands for about 5mins.

Mold into a ball and put in a well oiled bowl.

Allow dough rise for 1hr or until doubles in size.

Punch the risen dough down and roll out wit a rolling pin.

Using a donut cutter, cut out as many donuts as possible.

Arrange on a baking sheet and allow to rise again for about 30-45mins.

Fry the risen donuts till lightly browned. Allow cool.

For the sugar glaze:
Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the powdered sugar and turn well, then add the vanilla and hot water till itz at your desired consistency but not "liquidy".

For the chocolate ganache:
Click (here) for the recipe

When the donuts are cool enough to be handled, pick them up and dip into the glaze and add toppings (like coconut and sprinkles) then allow cool completely.



  1. I love doughnuts and I am a chocolate addict so this is perfect for me chi-chi

    1. Hehe...does dat mean you're gonna be the next COW ;)

  2. Ohh YES!once am done I would send it to free only on saturdays and sundays.

  3. Chichi how do I do this if I dnt hv a donut cutter

    1. Hello, you'll need two round cutters...a big one and a small one.

  4. I luv dis woman, chichi u're beginin 2 mek my luv 4 cookin a "dream come true" 1st is it possible to mek my own chocolate, cos i dnt knw where i can get dis chocolate u're using n u 4got 2 place d chocolate pics.....

    1. Hi Radiant, you can use any good chocolate found in supemarkets.

  5. I want to make bread. I'm wondering if I can convert this to bread recipe?

    1. No dear, this isn't a bread recipe so I won't advice u to use it for bread. I'll give u bread recipe later.

    2. Ok, looking forward to that. Thanks

  6. Pls for those of us dt do not av d standard measurements can u tell how we can use available materials to measure?

    1. I would advice u buy the measuring cups. Comes in a set and inexpensive...using normal spoons and cups for measurement won't be accurate and cud ruin the recipe for u.

  7. Please could you also include how many each recipe makes, so we have an idea and know how to scale.