Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Home-made Ice Cream

Ingredients for the base:
1 cup heavy whipping cream
½ cup condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla flavoring

Add the vanilla and cream to a bowl and whip till you form stiff peaks.

Add the condensed milk and whip some more till it's well combined.

After making the base, add whatever you like to it...Play around with flavors.
To make cookies and cream flavor, add some crushed oreos and fold with a spatula.

To make mint chocolate chip flavor, add some finely blended mint leaves (or 1 teaspoon mint flavor) and some chopped chocolate. Add a drop of green food color to get the green color. Fold with a spatula till well combined

To make strawberry flavor, blend some strawberries and strain into the base. Fold in with a spatula but just enough so streaks of strawberries are visible.

To make nutella flavor, add nutella to the ice cream base and fold till well mixed.

Transfer ice-cream to a clean bowl and freeze overnight before serving.

Mint Chocolate Chip


Strawberry delight

Cookies and Cream


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    1. Check in the fridge/freezer section of any big supermarket around u.

  2. this looks yummy and awesome. cant wait to try it

  3. this looks yummy and awesome. cant wait to try it

  4. Hi ChiChi, i just thought to let you know- i come to your blog from time for food inspiration considering especially as you simplify the ingredients on continental dishes to those used outside. I've tried several of the dishes here already and i want to appreciate you for what you do. Pls don't stop. There are so many of us spying on here even if we dont announce it. This icecream was truly amazing unlike the previous recipes i've used. It was just perfect! I've tried the chicken alfredo, lasagna, coconut shrimps, coconut curry chicken and etc. I have tried quite a number of your recipes and all are amazing. Thankyou for posting recipes we can trust. I have stalked your website for atleast 3yrs now. Dear ChiChi, keep up the good job and thanks for making me an amazing home chef. Lol. Still on the lookout for more recipes on here. Happy 2018 to you!